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Since relocating to Dubai from Canada and opening his Medical and Dental Center on the Jumeirah beach road, Dr Amer has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the leading Laser and Cosmetic Dentists in Dubai.

Dr Amer is a DHA certified Restorative Family Dentist and Cosmetic Dentist trained and practiced in North America for over 12 years before moving to Dubai, UAE. Some of Dr Amer’s specialties include aesthetic gum correction, root canal treatment, teeth whitening, orthodontics, dental implants, TMJ/TMD treatment, Invisalign, and more. By choosing Dr Amer as your cosmetic dentist, you are assured that you are in the care of a dentist who has raised the field of aesthetic dentistry.

With the art of Dentistry changing continuously, Dr Amer believes in keeping himself up to date by attending research and educational courses worldwide to keep himself abreast of the latest in Dental Technology and advances. From general dentistry to cosmetic dental treatments, Dr Amer is here to help you take care of your dental health. Dr Amer believes in the power of Laser Technology for Dental Care, Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Medicine; he has ensured his practice is one of the first in the Middle East to make tomorrow’s technologies available to today’s patients.

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A Full Range of Cosmetic Dental Services

laser dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Dental procedures like dental fillings, tooth whitening, gum treatment other oral problems can be treated using laser-assisted dentistry. It is extremely safe and facilitates painless and sterile dental treatments.
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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that deals with improving the appearance of the teeth, mouth, gums, and smile. Dr Amer’s compassionate, gentle approach is sure to make you feel at ease as he transforms your smile.
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Dr Amer specializes in Invisalign and other customer clear aligners to straighten teeth in less time when compared to traditional metal braces, rubber bands, retainers, and other devices.
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tmj doctor dubai

TMJ/TMD Treatment

Do you suffer from jaw pain, headaches, earaches, or other symptoms associated with TMJ/TMD? Dr Amer will examine your temporomandibular or also known as ‘jaw joint’ history and thorough clinical tests to determine the cause of your symptoms and suggest a suitable treatment.
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Anti Snor

Anti-Snoring Treatment

Snoring is often caused by enlarged tonsils, adenoids and sagging soft pallet in the throat, which can lead to sleep apnea, daytime sleepiness, and other health problems. Dr Amer can help your condition through non-invasive and cutting-edge sleep apnea laser treatment.
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Gum Correction

Aesthetic Gum Correction

Aesthetic gum correction is a minimally invasive procedure that can treat a variety of gum and tooth-related problems. Whether it is to correct irregularities in the gums or to remove excess gum tissue, Dr Amer has the right solution to help you achieve your perfect smile.
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teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a safe, quick, and effective way to whiten your teeth and give your smile a boost. The procedure can be completed within a short single appointment.
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Pediatric Dentistry

Dr Amer is committed to providing the highest quality dental care for children in a safe, caring, and fun environment. Dr Amer’s gentle approach and use of laser dentistry with children and teens make him a great choice.
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Migraine Treatment

Dr Amer offers a comprehensive treatment program for patients suffering from migraine and headaches. If you frequently experience migraines and are seeking headache or migraine treatment, contact Dr Amer today!
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root canal

Root Canal Treatment

Suffering from a tooth that has been badly damaged or has become infected or abscessed? A root canal treatment may help to save your tooth from dying. Reach out to Dr Amer for a customized treatment plan.
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