Smile Confidently

A gummy smile is a frequent complaint from patients seeking improvement in their aesthetic appearance. Broad exposure of the gums or excess gummy display during a smile is often considered displeasing and distracting. A smile is considered unattractive when more than 4 mm of gums are exposed. Women tend to experience a gummy smile more often than men.

A beautiful smile is highly valued in today’s society. In more severe cases, overexposure of the gums is also seen in repose of the lips. If you’re experiencing this, luckily, Dr. Amer has just the solution for you.

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Gummy Smile Treatments

At Dr. Amer’s Dental Clinic you are provided several options in treating a gummy smile including Laser Gum Lift and Orthodontics. Dr. Amer has years of experience and happy clients with wide, proud and confident (gummy) smiles behind him.