Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Let’s Create Your Perfect Smile.

Cosmetic dentistry is a specialty of restorative dentistry that deals with dental treatments on the oral health ‘teeth and gums’ health level as well as the individual personal cosmetic preferences, self-value, and psychological health level.

Dr. Amer is a leading restorative cosmetic dentist in Dubai since 2003, Dr. Amer has always treated his dental patients holistically, with an emphasis, not only on healthy teeth and gums but also on the whole body’s health and comfort.

Since the connection between oral health, healthy teeth, and gums and overall systemic ‘whole body’ health, has been proven to impact all other vital organs in the human body and the general wellbeing, implementing cutting edge cosmetic dental treatment techniques and skills, that address the personalized cosmetic dentistry requirements of the patient, the comfort zone of the patient, teeth-mouth-body connection for the overall health of the dental patient as well as the preservation of the natural tooth structure.

Dr. Amer always makes sure of two essential aspects in all of his cosmetic dental treatments and his approach to cosmetic dentistry when he treats his patients in Dubai and other locations in the UAE. He makes sure that it is a painless dental treatment, natural aesthetics ‘your pearly whites will look natural ’ as well as a biological dental treatment that is biocompatible and noninvasive, all for a long-lasting healthy smile.

All his Cosmetic dentistry procedures in Dubai are painless and performed to your satisfaction, a natural healthy smile has the added advantage of boosting your self-confidence socially as well as professionally.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Dr. Amer, as a Cosmetic Dentist in Dubai, performs a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures. The list of cosmetic dentistry treatments is dynamic and ever-expanding, including new and cutting edge cosmetic dental treatments that are biological, easy, simple, and painless.

As a cosmetic dentist, noninvasive restorative cosmetic dentistry is the ultimate goal of any cosmetic dentistry treatment plan, and that is why a cosmetic dental consultation appointment is essential at the very beginning of your visit to the dental clinic, for the success of any cosmetic dental treatment plan.

During your Dental Consultation appointment, both you and your cosmetic dentist will gain and exchange all information necessary to draft a personalized cosmetic dentistry treatment plan, that will address all of your cosmetic dentistry requirements, answers all your questions in regards to the cosmetic dentistry treatment procedure, cosmetic dentistry charges involved, the order of performing the standard and cosmetic dental treatments, the why and the how long that cosmetic dentistry procedure will take, etc.

Also, for the cosmetic dentistry treatment plan to be successful, all the other basic dental treatments should be performed first, to insure the health of your teeth, the health of your gums, and the longevity of your cosmetic dentistry treatment outcome and investment.

A personalized smile design, also known as, digital smile design DSG, should be drafted first, taking into consideration, the natural smile esthetics and the biological dentistry guidelines.

Dental veneers ‘porcelain veneers‘ or what is sometimes called Hollywood smile, should ensure a natural-looking smile, preservation of the natural tooth structure, and general oral health.

One very important step in having a successful cosmetic dental treatment is to choose a qualified cosmetic dentist that has the cosmetic dentistry skill set, reputation, and a proven cosmetic dental treatment record.

Not all restorative dentists are cosmetic dentists and not all cosmetic dentists in Dubai or elsewhere, are biological dentists. You should always look for and choose a restorative cosmetic dentist that has biological dentistry and cosmetic dentistry qualifications, a skill set, and a track record.

Cosmetic dental procedures are comprehensive because all dental treatments should be performed under cosmetic dentistry guidelines and a cosmetic dentist skill set.

Dr. Amer performs standard as well as innovative cutting-edge cosmetic dentistry procedures, that are unique to his cosmetic dental qualifications, skillset, and expertise.

Just to mention a few of the main cosmetic dentistry procedure:

  • Lip enhancement without injections or lip fillers
  • Lips and gums depigmentation “lip bleaching and gum bleaching’’
  • Permanent dental whitening “permanent teeth whitening’’
  • Dental non-invasive veneers “Ameneers veneers”, dental veneers with no shaving down of tooth structure, gives you a natural smile and a natural tooth color
  • Smile makeover and full mouth and teeth reconstruction
  • In-office teeth whitening, where you get a natural smile lift ‘pearly whites’ safely and economically
  • Discolored root canalled teeth
  • Replacing missing teeth and restoring a functional natural bite
  • Tooth-colored dental fillings
  • Removal of old hazardous amalgam fillings ‘black metal fillings’ and replacing it with tooth-colored fillings
  • Dental crowns and bridges, biological nonmetal crowns, zirconium and Emax crowns
  • Gummy smile treatment, gum contouring, crown lengthening, and gum lift.
  • Dental bonding, restoring chipped teeth
  • Clear aligners and Invisalign, wireless orthodontics
  • Immediate closure of dental diastema “spaces in between teeth’’
  • Dental implants crowns
  • Dental implants supported bridges & dentures

Your cosmetic dentist not only provides you with the smile you always wanted but also gives you a long-lasting oral health that secures your systemic health, as in heart, kidneys, TMJ ‘jaw joint’ and blood sugar level, etc.. that has all been proven to be directly linked to the health of your gums and teeth

No, not at all. a qualified cosmetic dentist that is skilled in cosmetic dentistry, will perform your cosmetic dental treatment painlessly while insuring your comfort.

No, cosmetic dentistry is not expensive. but you have to remember 2 things, the word “expensive’’ is a subjective term, and that you always get what you pay for. DO NOT shop around different dentists based on charges, shop around based on cosmetic dentistry reputation, qualification and expertise.

All dental problems and diseases should be treated through cosmetic dentistry guidelines, should be treated with the ultimate goal of being painless during the treatment and long lasting natural smile after treatment, which are the basis for cosmetic dentistry.

About Dr. Amer

Dr. Amer is a Restorative Family Dentist and one of the best Cosmetic Dentist in Jumeirah, Dubai, who trained and practiced in North America, for over 12 years before coming to Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2000. With the art of Dentistry changing continuously, Dr. Amer believes in keeping up to date by attending research and educational courses worldwide to keep him abreast of the very latest in Dental Technology and advances.

Dr. Amer believes in the power of Laser Technology for Dental Care, Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Medicine, he has ensured his practice is one of the first in the Middle East to make tomorrow’s technologies available to today’s patients.

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