Laser Dental Treatment

Goodbye Dental Fear, Laser Dentistry is Here.

Dr. Amer is a pioneer of laser dentistry and one of the leading laser Dentists in Dubai, UAE, and globally.

Dental lasers and Laser dentistry have started over 50 years ago when its use in medical as well as dental laser treatment was a new arena of possible medical and dental treatments.

Laser dentistry is a broad term that covers a lot of dental treatments, different laser wavelengths, and very dynamic research and discoveries for better and unique treatments that can almost only manageable with the dental laser technology.

Some classification will clarify your understanding of the different kinds of dental lasers and the overall scope of laser dentistry treatments.


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How Does Laser Dentistry Work?

This is a question that requires a LOT of explanation and time, but to try to simply put it, every different Laser wavelength energy is harnessed and controlled to perform the specific treatment required painlessly and with absolute safety, that the traditional dental drill or other dental tools cannot deliver.

Technology Used In Laser Dentistry?

Dental lasers research is one of the most dynamic and up-to-date dental research. It is evolving on an almost daily basis. Discovering more treatments for different laser wavelengths. The most lasers used in dentistry are:

  1. Erbium Yag Laser
  2. Nd Yag Laser
  3. Diode Laser
  4. Erbium chromium Laser

To begin with, Dental lasers are broadly classified into Surgical ‘hard tissue’ Lasers and low-level Dental lasers that perform ‘low level laser therapy’ LLLT.

Remember that laser dentistry treatments may combine two or more different dental laser wavelengths to achieve the optimal painless dental laser treatment.

Hard Tissue Dental lasers are mainly used in the following treatments:

  1. Laser dental fillings, where you can have a dental filling without the use of the dental drill, without dental injections and completely painless.
  2. Laser Crown preparation, without the use of the dental drill, without dental injections and completely painless.
  3. Laser veneer preparation, without the use of the dental drill, without dental injections, and completely painless.
  4. Laser-assisted biological root canal treatment makes root canal treatment more successful and biologically acceptable.
  5. Laser dental surgeries, with less discomfort, faster healing and the unique effect of photobiomodulation PBM.
  6. Laser dental Whitening, whiter and brighter teeth, no side effects or tooth sensitivity. The whole mouth could be done in 20 minutes.
  7. Laser Dental Hygiene and cleaning
  8. Laser fissure sealant
  9. Laser Pediatric dentistry ‘laser child dentistry’.
  10. Laser gum treatment
  11. Laser dental implants treatment.
  12. Laser halitosis ‘bad breath’ treatment
  13. Laser treatment of oral herpes and cold sores
  14. Laser treatment of sensitive gums and sensitive teeth
  15. Laser treatment of oral ulcers
  16. Laser treatment of oral hemangioma without surgery.
  17. Laser removal of old or faulty dental veneers or dental crowns, without the need for cutting or drilling.
  18. Laser frenectomies, helping newborn infants with tongue ties, or in ability to latch on to the mother’s breast ‘nipple’, to be able to feed normally.

In Addition, These kinds of dental lasers, can be also uniquely used, in the treatment of:

  • Non-surgical laser treatment of Snoring
  • Non surgical, non invasive ‘ no CPAP ‘ laser treatment of sleep apnea
  • Non invasive, non surgical ‘no injectable ‘ All Natural laser Lip size enhancement
  • Laser gums and lips bleaching ‘depigmentation’
  • Non surgical Dental laser face lift and laser facial skin tightening

Low level lasers, also known as LLLT, are used, in a wide non surgical and non invasive dental treatments applications, for example:

  • Swelling control treatment
  • Anti inflammatory treatment without using pharmaceutical drugs
  • Analgesia and pain control
  • TMJ and TMD ‘jaw joint’ treatment
  • Gums and teeth hypersensitivity
  • Dental neuralgia
  • Dental mucositis treatment

Benefits of having dental laser treatment and Laser dentistry versus conventional dentistry

Laser Dentistry is the future of Dental medicine at large. Your laser dentist will change your expectations and comprehension of dental treatments for good. Let me explain, why you should seek laser dentistry and always insist on finding a laser dentist specialized in laser dentistry:

  1. Laser dentistry replaces the drill, so no drilling sounds or vibrations inside your mouth
  2. The Laser dentist does not have to use dental injections, because laser dentistry is painless dentistry, so no more numbing feeling
  3. Laser dentistry required no downtime, you can resume your normal day directly after your laser dental appointment.
  4. Your laser dentist is the best introduction of your child to dentistry since laser dentistry is painless, drill-free, and injection-free.
  5. Laser dentistry is absolutely safe for all medical conditions, including dental anesthetic allergy, pregnancy, kidney conditions, heart conditions, even for people undergoing chemotherapy or radiation.
  6. Laser treatment of oral mucositis
  7. Laser treatment of oral fungal infections

And the main unique dental laser treatment benefit is the photobiomodulation effect, that is unique to laser dentistry PBM, your laser dentist is able to deliver painless dentistry, with no down time, no side effects, which is the future of the biological dentistry. Super fast healing, no swelling, no pain and no chemicals in your system, which makes laser dentistry the ultimately safe dental treatment and your laser dentist will be the true biological dentist that delivers full range of biological dentistry to you and your family.

Laser dentistry has a lot of advantages over traditional dentistry. One of these advantages is that laser dentistry treatment is painless.

Very good question, laser dentistry needs further studying and learning to acquire laser qualification, and that requires more time and dedication invested. 

Always make sure that your dentist is fully qualified in dental lasers before using a laser on you.

Laser dentistry is the safest dental treatment option, for both children and adults.

All dental treatments done with laser are charged the same as traditional dentistry.

Dental laser treatment is safe and safer than any other traditional dental treatment option.

About Dr. Amer

Dr. Amer is a Restorative Family Dentist and one of the best Cosmetic Dentist in Jumeirah, Dubai, who trained and practiced in North America, for over 12 years before coming to Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2000. With the art of Dentistry changing continuously, Dr. Amer believes in keeping up to date by attending research and educational courses worldwide to keep him abreast of the very latest in Dental Technology and advances.

Dr. Amer believes in the power of Laser Technology for Dental Care, Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Medicine, he has ensured his practice is one of the first in the Middle East to make tomorrow’s technologies available to today’s patients.

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