Teeth Cleaning Treatment in Dubai

Dr. Amer is a renowned dentist in the UAE with over three decades of experience in restorative dentistry. A good oral hygiene routine along with preventive care is essential to keep periodontitis or gum problems at bay. Even though you brush and floss your teeth, you might need a professional cleaning every three to six months to prevent tartar buildup and maintain healthy teeth. Being a trusted dental professional, Dr. Amer specializes in offering expert dental care services in Dubai. Located in Jumeriah, Dr. Amer’s Dental Clinic comprise modern medical equipment and tools to ensure high-quality medical services. Using advanced dental procedures, he is expertized in offering deep cleaning and complete oral health care solutions to clients in the UAE. Whether you notice any signs of gum disease or wish to check your dental health, Dr. Amer has got the perfect solution for you.

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What is Dental Cleaning & Why is it Necessary?

Brushing with antibacterial toothpastes rich in fluoride and an electric brush is effective home-care. However, even if you deep clean your teeth daily, plaque may accumulate in hidden spots between the teeth and gradually lead to tartar formation. Expert teeth cleaning and whitening service in Dubai is a viable solution to remove tartar and prevent it from turning into gum disease. In addition, getting your teeth and gums cleaned at regular intervals from Dr. Amer’s Dental Clinic can do much more than preventing tooth decay.

  • Prevent the spread of bacteria into the bloodstream, causing severe health issues such as cardiac diseases and diabetes
  • Avoid cavities and not lead to root canal
  • Get pearly white teeth 
  • Improve breath quality 
  • Remove teeth stains 
  • Reduce the risk of tooth loss
  • Minimize risk of tartar formation


Oral Cleaning Procedure

As an expert in restorative dentistry, Dr. Amer has a well-defined process for providing quality dental cleanings to clients. The underlying issues in the teeth and gums will be determined by performing a detailed examination of your mouth. Later, effective scaling methods will be used to remove plaque deposits on the teeth. After making the teeth tartar-free, a mixture of salt and water will be sprayed onto the teeth through a light stream of airflow. Finally, through a polishing and whitening process, your teeth will become pearly whites. In case of any infections, you will receive a detailed plan and schedule for dental visits to treat them quickly. 


Who Should Consider Dental Cleaning Treatment?

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is essential to prevent cavities, tooth decay, and other severe periodontal diseases. Identifying these signs and treating them at the earliest will help keep your teeth safe and bright. You must immediately see the dentist if you have:

  • Swollen and reddish gums that bleed quickly
  • Consistent bad breath
  • Receding gums
  • Loose and sensitive teeth

Frequently Asked Questions – Dental Cleaning


Are dental services painful?

Using safe teeth cleaning and whitening procedures, Dr. Amer ensures that all the clients have a smooth and painless session. Based on the client’s dental condition, the appropriate modern scaling and polishing process will be used to complete the process without any discomfort.


How much does it cost for teeth cleaning in Dubai?

The charge for the dental treatment is determined after examining the patient’s condition and choosing the correct dental procedure required. Then, depending on the extent of plaque formation, Dr Amer will recommend the appropriate dental solution for your case.


Is teeth cleaning a lengthy procedure?

Usually, basic dental treatments are completed within 30 minutes to one hour. However, based on your dental condition, the amount of time taken to clear tartar and infections will be decided.


Do the dental treatment cause bleeding gums?

The patients might face soreness and bleeding in their gums for the initial few days after the procedure. Later, in case of no improvement in the condition, you must consult and see your dentist immediately.


When will I be able to eat after the dental procedure?

In case of minimally invasive treatments, the patients can immediately drink and eat normal food. However, you might experience sensitivity in your tooth that gradually subside with time.