It never fails! A Dental Emergency is never convenient, and it rarely happens during normal office hours or when there is an available appointment.

Tooth pain, broken fillings, lost fillings, tooth abscesses, knocked out or broken teeth are just some of the common example of dental emergency that often need to be seen and treated immediately by the Dentist over the weekend, holidays or after our working hours.

In the unfortunate event that you’ve had an accident or injury to the teeth, mouth and/or jaw, regardless of the cause, you’ll need to see our 24-hour emergency dentist straight away. Postponing treatment for a dental emergency can only increase the risk of permanent damage later on, resulting in a more painful injury and/or extensive and expensive treatment.

Make an appointment!
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Whether you’ve been suffering from a broken tooth, a lost/damaged filling, a Veneer or dental restoration has come off or is broken or are simply desperately seeking remedies for a toothache, don’t delay treatment for your dental emergency any further.

In most cases, a broken tooth or damaged filling or veneer can be saved depending on the damage and how quickly you reach out to Dr. Amer for a same day emergency appointment. In most cases, we can give you an emergency appointment within an hour of your call.

What to do in the case of a knocked-out tooth?

One of the most common dental emergencies that require a dentist is when you have knocked out your tooth. If you are the victim of an unfortunate dental accident and have knocked out or lost your tooth, it is very important to keep the tooth moist. If possible, place the tooth back into the socket or put the tooth between your cheek and gums, under your tongue or in a glass of milk until you reach out to a dentist in emergency. Ensure you pick up the tooth by the top of the tooth or the “crown” being careful not to touch or damage the root. If you somehow damage the root, it may not be possible for the dentist to reattach or re-implant the tooth in the tooth socket.

Lost Crowns, Fillings or other Dental restorations?

Unfortunately, many dental restorations don’t last forever and often need to be replaced. If you lose a crown, filling or even a dental Veneer, do your best to make sure you keep the affected tooth covered until your appointment with the dentist so you have the best chance possible to repair it by refilling the cavity or recapping or replacing the dental crown or dental veneer.

Oral Infections and Abscessed Teeth

Another common emergency that we get called after normal working hours to treat and one of the most painful is due to an infected tooth or gums. Oral infections and abscesses can be both painful and dangerous. Not only can they cause a serious infection they can be extremely painful.

If you have pain or if your mouth or jaw is swollen, you may have an oral infection that needs to be treated and dealt with immediately.

Round the Clock Emergency Dental Treatment

Injuring or losing a tooth outside of opening hours can be frustrating especially on the off chance that you aren’t able to find an emergency dentist in Dubai that opens for longer hours. Dr. Amer’s 24*7 emergency dental services help effectively cater to such instances of emergencies. The clinic is open and accessible even after hours should there be a need.

If you take immediate action to save your tooth, with an emergency dental treatment, you might even be a candidate for one of our Laser Dentistry treatments which does not require conventional drilling or injections associated with teeth pain.