Veneers & Lumineers

Porcelain Lumineers and Veneers Treatment in Dubai

Dr. Amer’s Dental clinic can help improve your dental aesthetics with quality cosmetic dental treatment, veneers, and lumineers. By adding the perfect shape, size, and color to your teeth, these cosmetic procedures will help you get an aesthetic smile. Comprising premium quality dental materials, the results of these cosmetic treatments are durable and realistic. Modern dentistry treatment options like veneers include a thin covering of porcelain that is bonded to the front teeth surface through a slightly invasive method. Dental veneers may include grinding and filing of the teeth that will affect their natural structure. Whereas lumineers are translucent shell coverings that can be easily fitted on broken, misaligned, or discolored teeth. These top-quality materials are permanently bonded to the dents with minimal discomfort and low downtime. Dr. Amer is a proficient cosmetic dentist in Dubai, offering advanced dental solutions that are custom designed according to specific patient requirements to help restore your smile. Book a consultation at Dr. Amer’s Dental clinic to get a whiter and brighter smile.

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Introducing the Latest Generation of Veneers – Ameneers

Introducing the Latest Generation of Veneers – Ameneers 

With a vision to offer an innovative and reliable solution to teeth discoloration, Dr. Amer created non-invasive veneers for the modern era that do not require the removal of your existing tooth structure. Our exclusive cosmetic treatment, Ameneers, comprises very thin fiberglass that blends with the natural radiance of the teeth. Compared to the normal veneer, these ceramic veneers are translucent materials that do not require extensive cutting or grinding of teeth. Whether you have a broken tooth, gaps between teeth, crowded dents, or stained teeth, visit Dr. Amer’s Dental clinic to get restorative, cosmetic treatments at a competitive price in Dubai.


Ameneers and Lumineers Treatment with Dr Amer

Unable to get whiter teeth in spite of regular brushing and flossing? With just a few visits to Dr. Amer’s Dental Clinic, you will get the natural-looking and beautiful smile that you have ever dreamt of.


Smile Assessment 

Firstly, Dr. Amer will assess your teeth condition and take your intra and extra-oral photographs. Based on this data, a virtual smile design will be created that predicts the results and allows to alter as per the client’s requirements.


Get Your Lumineers Impression Done

The impression of your lower and upper teeth will be sent to authorized labs, along with the appropriate shade and smile designs. They carefully develop the ameneers in the perfect dimensions that fits your dental shape yet enhance it.


Try Your New Lumineers 

On your scheduled second visit at Dr. Amer’s Dental Clinic, the newly designed ameneers will be examined to check if it fits well with your dental structure. 


Get the Lumineers Fixed 

At the final stage, the veneers will be properly fixed onto your teeth. Before applying the external bonding agent, the teeth surface and inner part of the lumineers will be etched and made rough using acid.


Benefits of Veneers and Lumineers

Dr. Amer is among the qualified plastic surgeons in Dubai with extensive experience offering lumineers to varied clients. With a focus on each patient’s safety using cutting-edge technology, he ensures quality results that last for long. These advanced dental cosmetic procedures:

  • Gives a naturally white smile
  • It is a painless method to hide a dental imperfection
  • Improve dental hygiene
  • Enhance your self-esteem
  • Involve no teeth drilling or grinding
  • Completed in a few dental visits

Dr. Amer who, through years of experience and innate artistry, will be able to determine the correct size, translucency, depth of colour, brightness and highlights that your custom Ameneers need to suit your skin tone and your age. There is nothing more aging on a mature person than an obviously unnatural and too white and bright a smile. They can also be removed when needed. Ameneers (or even using Lumineers) is a painless way to reshape your teeth in comparison to Veneers.

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