Porcelain Veneers & Ameneers / Lumineers

Hollywood Smile

Veneers are a layer of porcelain attached to the surface of the tooth to correct shape, color, alignment, or chips resulting in what many call a Hollywood Smile. Special Custom-Designed Smiles are created by Dr. Amer using Ameneers.

Diverse variations of Cosmetic Dentistry are now available, from Veneers to Ameneers. Lumineers are also available at Dr. Amer’s Dental Clinic in Dubai if a patient requests.


Dr. Amer has developed the latest generation of veneers that are non-invasive and require no cutting of viable tooth structure. Our exclusive brand is called Ameneers, and is made of very thin fibre glass to match the natural radiance of teeth.

Traditionally, Veneers are generally much thicker and require extensive preparation and a lot of cutting and grinding of the teeth for their application whereas, Ameneers are placed over the teeth with little or no work to be done on the teeth, depending on its condition of course.

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Dr. Amer who, through years of experience and innate artistry, will be able to determine the correct size, translucency, depth of colour, brightness and highlights that your custom Ameneers need to suit your skin tone and your age. There is nothing more aging on a mature person than an obviously unnatural and too white and bright a smile. They can also be removed when needed. Ameneers (or even using Lumineers) is a painless way to reshape your teeth in comparison to Veneers.

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