Root Canal Treatment in Dubai

Root Canal Treatment, also called Endodontic Treatment, is a very common Dental Procedure that removes damaged nerve from within the tooth allowing the dentist to save the tooth. Basically, root canals are when the inside of the tooth is cleaned, filled and sealed permanently to avoid infection.

The warning signs that all is not well start early but often tend to be ignored. Tenderness and pain within the infected tooth can all be signs that there is the underlying infection and that an abscess may be forming.

Most people associate having a root canal with a lot of pain and discomfort. However, with modern technology and the use of anesthetics, root canals if done properly are quick, safe, typically pain-free, and an excellent way to help save the natural tooth.

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Dr. Amer specializes in root canals are called Endodontists. An Endodontist can fix pain caused by an abscess or infection so that it will never come back. Root canal therapy (also known as endodontics) has a high rate of success. When a tooth gets a root canal, it will often function naturally for a lifetime. With today’s advances in dentistry this simple, and relatively painless, treatment can save your natural teeth and prevent the need of dental implants or bridge.

Some people may see a small white bump on the side of the tooth, another sign of infection within the tissues. While sometimes there are no obvious symptoms some signs that may suggest a root canal is needed are:

  • Tooth pain without eating or drinking
  • Prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold
  • Tenderness when chewing or brushing
  • Change of color to the tooth
  • Swelling and tenderness in the lymph nodes and nearby gum

If you suspect you have an abscess and might need a root canal, waiting until it is too late can be a huge mistake. Ignoring an infection or cavity in your mouth is never a good idea and not only can be costly but can cause damage to your overall health. Regular visits to Dr. Amer’s Dental Clinic in Jumeriah for yearly exams and x-rays can help in ensuring your teeth and gums are healthy.


Pain-Free Procedure

Patients dread the conventional root canal treatment as it involves injections, is time-consuming, and requires multiple visits but our latest approach at Dr. Amer’s Dental Clinic is the Laser Assisted Root Canal Treatment. Compared to the conventional method, laser dental treatment effectively kills deep-seated bacteria in areas that are difficult to disinfect, cuts down dental visits while increasing the success and reducing post-treatment pain.

While Lasers can target bacteria and infection with better accuracy often preserving more of the healthy tooth structure, they also reduce discomfort by eliminating the sounds of drills, there is less bleeding as well as limiting the need for local anesthesia.

After the root canal is completed, a dental crown is placed over the tooth to protect and restore the tooth’s complete structure. You will not experience any pain during the procedure itself. It’s important to remember that while root canals are often understood to Be Painful, the pain from the infection or abscess is far more painful than the actual root canal treatment.

After treatment, Over-the-counter pain relievers are typically all that is needed to help with any pain and discomfort after your root canal.