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“Good Sleep is Vital to Good Mental Health”

Snoring is not just a joke. It can be a severe issue, leading to health concerns and mood swings, which might even affect your relationships. However, multiple reasons that can lead a person to have this disorder. For example, if you have high blood pressure or are overweight for your age.

According to various studies, it is clear that using tobacco, drinking alcohol, or having certain eating habits can cause sleeping disorders. The potential sleeping disorder called sleep apnea is when the patient repeatedly breathes, makes loud noises, and feels exhausted even if he sleeps for the whole night.

When unattended, sleep apnea may lead to certain medical conditions like lung disease, stroke, heart failure, or renal disease. There are two options for snoring solution Dubai available with Dr. Amer, including using custom made oral devices worn by the patient during his sleep or laser nonsurgical snoring treatment Dubai that helps handle snoring issues.

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What is a Sleep Apnea Disorder?

Sleep Apnea is one of the common and potentially harmful disorders that restrict people from sleeping properly. Individuals with this disorder wake up multiple times during their sleep and struggle while breathing, which leads them to experience exhaustion and dizziness despite having a sound sleep during the night.

Signs You Might Have Sleep Apnea Disorder

You cannot identify if you have a sleep apnea disorder through blood tests or other medical checkups, which makes it difficult. But do not worry; below are some common symptoms that will help you diagnose them more quickly.

  • You might suffer from breathlessness during your sleep.
  • Sleepiness during the daytime.
  • You feel like it is difficult to concentrate during the day.
  • Regular headaches in the morning.
  • You frequently snore during the time you are asleep.
  • You have a sore throat or feel like your mouth is dry when you are awake from your sleep.
  • You repeatedly wakeup in between your sleep.

Common Causes of Snoring

Snoring is the loud sound that happens when air flows through the relaxed throat tissues, which vibrate as you breathe. Sometimes even the sleeping posture may cause a person to snore during his sleep. It may even be because you have a cold or breathing problem. It is fine if a person has snores for few days. But frequent snoring may be an indication for chronic disorders. And at this stage you must treat it.

Is Sleep Apnea a Chronic Condition?

Snoring for just one or two days of your sleep is not a big problem, but it could even lead to sleep apnea disorder when it becomes frequent. It is a chronic condition that will lead the person to have various health issues like heart diseases, higher blood pressure, oxygen deprivation in the brain, and even diabetes. Unfortunately, the condition is usually left undiagnosed as most of the people who are affected by the disorder do not notice it during their sleep.

Anti-Snoring Treatment with Dr. Amer

There are multiple options available to reduce snoring. Ultimately saving you from getting chronic disorders like the sleep apnea. Dr. Amer has the required experience and skills to provide sleep apnea treatment Dubai. Below are some of the main treatment options available.

Snore Guard

It is an oral device custom-designed to fit perfectly in the patient’s mouth, preventing the airway from collapsing by keeping the airway open. It is the most effective treatment in mild or moderate snoring cases.

Laser Anti-Snoring Treatment

It is a non-surgical and painless alternative to stop snoring Dubai and is conducted when the patient is fully awake. It is ideal for individuals who have a busy schedule as the treatment takes only 15 minutes to complete. The person can also resume his daily routine immediately after the procedure. Here the expert will use laser-induced equipment to tighten the soft tissues in the patient’s throat. As a result, it prevents flapping in the airway, producing sound during sleep, finally helping the person sleep tight without snoring.

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Snoring is something that hinders a person from having a good sleep. If you are experiencing frequent snoring problems, you should try getting advice from an expert. Discuss the snoring treatment Dubai for your condition by booking an appointment.

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